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Hatsune Miku Symphony 5th Anniversary Ver..jpg

Hatsune Miku Symphony: 5th Anniversary Ver.

RM 630.00

Release Date: Jan 2023
Regular Price: 3,900 yen
PO End Date: 19 Nov 2021
Deposit: RM630

Music Box Specifications:
- Song: "Butai" (Lyrics, Composition: JimmyThumbP)
- 18-Tone Gold-Plated Music Box Movement
- Gold-Tooled Clear Case
- Size: Approx. W74xD74xH40mm

- The music box is delicate. Be sure to handle with care.
- Be careful to not overwind the music box winding key.
- Overwinding the winding key may result in damage. Wind the key around three times.
- The music box is somewhat heavy, so be careful to not drop it or knock it over.
- Do not pull on parts of the music box or wave it around as it may result in damage.
- There may be minor differences between each product.
- Due to the way the music boxes are manufactured, we can not guarantee that each one will be completely free of cosmetic imperfections. These imperfections are not product defects, so we cannot accept exchange requests for them.